The Final Dance

Topic 5 realised Wow, I thought as I began to write, is this really the last blog post I need to write? Is the twelve-week journey actually over? But as the anonymous quotation above reminds us, no, the journey continues on this path of life-long learning, but now the path seems a little firmer, andContinue reading “The Final Dance”

I can see clearly now the rain is gone…sorta

Have you ever heard or perhaps even remember that song ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ originally sung and written by Johnny Nash (in 1973)? You can listen above if you’d like to hear it, but to save you some time, I repeat the main lyrics below: I can see clearly now the rain is goneIContinue reading “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…sorta”

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”

One of my favourite books is the Holy Bible, I kid you not. You want to find immutable and eternal guidelines on how to live your life, make important decisions, and find out why you are alive? You’ll definitely find them there. And believe it or not, there are guidelines there that directly tie intoContinue reading ““A cord of three strands is not quickly broken””


And so the revolution begins! What a few weeks: my boundaries and borders have been stretched, and thanks to all the fantastic material we’ve listened to, watched, discussed, pondered, and prepared, I know that my digital identity and understanding of hitherto so many vaguely understood new directions has shifted! This has also been a toughContinue reading “BY ANYA S. NON-COMMERCIAL SHAREALIKE!”

Semi-digiliterate? Internal monologue on online participation and digital literacies

The internet is like a box of chocolates? Like many of my fellow travellers in this ONL course (circa 192), there has been a lot to marvel at and digest during these first few weeks alone. There has been exposure to new paradigms that I’m still chewing on and digesting, such as David White’s (2014)Continue reading “Semi-digiliterate? Internal monologue on online participation and digital literacies”


Oh, how timid I feel moving in this brave new world of WordPress! Like a timid virtual mouse, I’d like to stay among the online objects which are familiar to me and which I can easily navigate and play around with–however, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Who am I? I’m a university English teacher who stillContinue reading “Introducing…”

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