Oh, how timid I feel moving in this brave new world of WordPress! Like a timid virtual mouse, I’d like to stay among the online objects which are familiar to me and which I can easily navigate and play around with–however, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Who am I?

I’m a university English teacher who still loves working with students and her colleagues, i.e. her job, after almost 25 years of it. The challenges continue and that’s one of the many things that keep this work interesting, and also why I’m here along with other adventurers in this ONL92 circa 2019.

Where do I live, breathe and have my being?

I currently live and work in Espoo, southern Finland, which is one of the cities of the capital metropolitan area. My primary and secondary education however were enjoyed elsewhere, actually in the Arabian Gulf, in the Middle East. My own cultural background is a seemly hodge-podge of influences and perspectives which have served me well when negotiating multicultural environments, including online ones.

My tertiary education was in Central Finland (University of Jyväskylä) which is also where I eventually began my English teaching career in earnest. I have remained in tertiary education for all this time and, fortunately, it is an atmosphere I have thrived in.

But time for this mouse to focus on the zillion other tasks that await her…

Published by Anya Siddiqi

Lecturer of English at Aalto University Language Centre, Finland.

2 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Hi Anya, thank you for sharing the link to your blog so that I could find you online! I love your picture and the metaphor of the little mouse – I share many of the feelings that you describe here. As you say, we need to leave the familiar behind and try out something new – this I will also try to do during this course. I have already taken those first few steps during these first weeks of ONL, such as learning a bit about Powtoon and trouble-shooting Zoom, just to name a few. Blogging in this way is new, and so is WordPress – still not quite at ease with it, but am slowly getting there.


  2. I completely agree about using WordPress. I still have a bit of a hate relationship with it ( no love yet), not because I mind sharing my thoughts with an ‘unknown’ audience, but because I find the environment very non-intuitive and un-user-friendly!


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